Crack CaptchaSniper X

captcha sniper

Crack CaptchaSniper X
Here’s whats new ?-
56 New Captcha Types in CDK – with these new additions, there’s no need for your ones created by Andrei, they are replaced by these
AchimWinkler Guestbook, Advanced Guestbook, Article Directory Pro, Basti Guestbook, BeepWorld Guestbook,, Burning Book, ClipBucket, ClipShare, Coppermine Photo Gallery, Datso Gallery, Easy Guestbook, EasyLink, Firebook Guestbook, flat PHPBook, FluxBB, FUDForum, GA Gaestbuch, Gaijin Guestbook, General Blogs (5 variants), Hyperbook Guestbook, Icybook, iDocScript, Jax Guestbook, Link Bid Script, LINKER, Maian Guestbook, maxxibook, Meneame, miniBB, MyEngines, Nuke Guestbook, PHP Fusion Guestbook, PHPBookmark, PHPMotion, Piwigo, PixelPost (new variant), Scarbook, ShareMixer, TPK Guestbook, Ultimate Guestbook, Unknown Directory, Unknown Guestbook, Viral Socializer Script, vShare, Xeobook Guestbook
‘Use captcha_platform for detection’ – option in the settings menu
CS now accepts a brand new parameter passed within the http post API to inform CS which captcha type it’s being passed. Which means that you will not must select any captcha types and as a result could have no size conflicts and far higher rate of success.
The only tool using this new feature is GSA Search results Ranker. For those who have not heard about it, I highly recommend you look it over. Its the most diverse backlinking tool offered at an amazing price. I’ve also been told by Vince, the developer of AMR, he will probably be adding this also.
To utilize this feature together with CDK, just be sure that the value being passed matches the captcha type name.
‘Save Solved Captchas’ – option from your settings menu
This can enable you to save the captchas provided for CS combined with the answer. This eliminates the requirement for the multiple panes in the GUI. These will appear inside the solvedcaptchas folder.
Bug fixes
Additional handling of the tesseract popup errors… they should almost be non existent now.
CDK – Import Database
Because the description says, it’s simple to import additional CDK databases which will make sharing others algorithms much easier.
CDK – Character Segmentation and Derotation
Character segmentation now accepts one more parameter to define the minimum width of the character. In addition, you are able to derotate characters for captchas with rotated characters. There isn’t any 100% solution with this, however this algorithm is effective on the most rotated characters. Additionally, it is possible to specify the utmost amount of rotation to check on.

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